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  • Indirect Survey Application (ISA)

    Survey Data .. Reimagined
North American Survey Company is partnering with TVC Solutions, a Colorado-based consulting company, to develop a secure, cloud-based application designed to assist in the processing, analysis, and delivery of indirect inspection data to NASCORP’s clients. The Indirect Survey Application, or ISA, allows for the quick processing of raw data in the field by simply dragging a survey file into the application, where a series of algorithms process the data and present the user with tabular, graphical, and spatial views within the user interface. Additional analysis can be conducted within the application, allowing NASCORP to highlight potential findings in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-view format. The survey results are presented to the client by providing access to ISA via an SSL-encrypted login, where they can view and download survey results.
Features of ISA:

– Faster Data Processing
– Built-in Analytics
– Customized Reporting