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Since 2004, I have used North American Survey Corporation exclusively to perform various types of survey work, and have always found them to be thorough, ethical and accurate in their execution of any project work assigned. They have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to maintain highest of our safety and performance criteria.

Tom Barletta

Williams Mid-Stream

My experience with NASCORP has been a very good one. They have been and still are very helpful, dedicated and committed to making sure that what I asked for was what they delivered. NASCORP has improved their quality of work over the years, by keeping up with the latest technologies, to keep up with the demands of the pipeline industry.

Arthur Eckford

Energy Transfer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan Wilson and the NASCORP personnel for a number of years. I can always depend on them working our projects into their schedule, and completing them in a timely manner. They have earned my trust and confidence in their understanding of data collection on long line surveys.

Ted Morris


Since completing their first survey for Kinder Morgan years ago, I have been very pleased with North American Survey Corporation’s work because of their professionalism and commitment to the project. I have regulations and schedules to keep and I can rely on NASCORP to produce a legible and professional product, done right and on time.

George Fernandez

Pipeline Integrity Specialist, PSI (previously at Kinder Morgan, reference from KM)

I have always had a good experience when using NASCORP for both CIS and Annual surveys. I have been very pleased with the quality of their work and their crews have always been professional and represented the company very well. NASCORP is also very knowledgeable and has been helpful to me when troubleshooting areas of interference or stay current.

Brian Stone


Before working with Dan Wilson of NASCORP, I had some exceptionally poor luck with Close Interval Surveys. Some of the problems were poor equipment to poor workers, so wasn’t excessively positive, but I decided to give Dan a chance. After meeting with teams, I was very impressed with their professionalism. The quality of all aspects, Including surveys, paperwork, surveys reports, and follow up convinced me to only use NASCORP. Try it, you will like it.

Tommy Duncan


Midwest Energy’s recent experience with North American Survey Corporation was great. The CIS crew, headed by Jonathan Owen, was a pleasure to work with. They were promptly on location every morning, and diligently work until dusk. We were fortunate to have good weather and surface moisture to end up with good survey results. I would highly recommend NASCORP to any company considering any future pipeline survey work.

De Sultzer

Midwest Energy

Kimberly J. Harris

Enbridge (US) Inc.

Garry Engstrom

Plains All American Pipeline